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Paris Notre Dame Watercolor


Paris Notre Dame Watercolor

Sophia Khan

Poetry of Notre Dame, Paris, watercolor, copyright © Sophia Khan

Poetry of Notre Dame, Paris, watercolor, copyright © Sophia Khan

Paris made me happy. Quite simply this is the best and most concise way that I can phrase it. I had the good fortune of traveling to this dream city of mine, two years ago. I traveled there to celebrate a milestone in my personal life, and also to find new inspiration for my art.

Little did I know that the joy I was to experience, would extend far beyond my expectations. Little did I know how happy Paris would make me. No matter the small mishaps that are quite normal during far away travels, I was filled with wonder and delight for the entire journey. The delights of my time in Paris were enhanced with a series of wondrous synchronicities. Were such blessings already in my “everyday” life back home? And was Paris simply the most beautiful place for me to heighten my senses and allow for an awareness of those parts of my life that often go unnoticed?

The synchronicities and other pleasures I experienced in Paris gave me an overriding sense of being “carried” and being guided throughout my journey. I might also say, it was somewhat of a spiritual experience.

From this place of gratefulness for the gifts Paris gave me, the news of what was experienced in the city back in April has been heavy, for myself and for many others around the world.

No matter where in this beautiful world you may be, and no matter if you’ve been to Paris, or have dreamed of one day visiting, seeing its cathedral, Notre Dame, in flames was indeed a horrifying sight.

My own first reaction was disbelief. How could it even be? We take for granted that these architectural treasures and sacred places have been with us for centuries and believe and expect that they always will; both in our lifetime, and beyond. The strength of their stones, their beauty and grandeur, their history and their age, the silent echoes of countless prayers that have graced its hallowed vaults, all contribute to a sense of reverence that one cannot help but experience from within.

My prayer for Notre Dame is simply and lovingly this:

May the “rebirth” of Notre Dame come from a place of recognizing the Cathedral as a sacred place, rather than something worldly. May its aesthetics remain a reflection of the very spirit with which it was built, and not limited to an aesthetic appealing only to current times. May any new construction that replaces what has been lost - if it is to be noticeably different than what was there before - bear witness to the Cathedral’s strength, and not its loss. May it continue to hold within its stones, for centuries beyond that which it has already bared witness to, the awe and reverence of countless visitors. May it continue to safely hold and uplift to its soaring heights prayers of the faithful. Amen.
And before signing off, I will extend a wish for you, that if your heart longs to be in Paris one day, to experience for yourself its beauty and enchantment, may that gift reach you soon......

Until next time wishing you joy and delight in your everyday life. And a sharing of an invitation to my new gallery of Paris watercolors, available for a limited time here. If you find something that you might love to have, may it bring abundant Paris dreams and bliss into your home.