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The Artist

My desire for a creative and adventurous life began when I was just a child.  I stared in wonder at an image of the Triumphal Arch in Paris, and eagerly drew with a pencil, an image of what I knew then had something of magic to it. 

Years later when I first traveled to Italy as an Architecture student, I found myself surrounded by impressive monuments, be they ruins or alive and functioning.  I learned that looking at an image of a place in a textbook is nothing compared to seeing it firsthand. The inspiration that came from seeing these places, feeling them, and most importantly, being in them kept me returning to Italy and traveling to other foreign lands as well.  Morocco, Andalusia, London, Paris, Persia, all called and I didn’t hesitate to find myself there. 

I discovered the best way to appreciate a place, to cherish and take a part of it with you, is to ‘recreate’ it. I drew sketches, I painted watercolors, all the while, the seeds of my art were being firmly planted; an art which looks to convey the inherent ability of ‘place’ to evoke emotions, invite, welcome, and forever remain in those it moves.

I invite you to have a look at my online gallery here, of places that have done just that.

With joy,

Sophia Khan                             

Sophia Khan is a professional Watercolor artist who has practiced and taught Architecture and Historic Preservation.  She loves traveling solo, and has lived in Florence, Italy.  She has studied Fine Art and has also developed much of her style through her own independent creative ventures. Sophia's art is inspired primarily by travel, and she paints on site, en plein air, and from her own travel photographs and memories, and those of her patrons.  Her work is in private collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  

Features include Escape into Life, Artist Watch, the blog of author Saxon Henry, Annapurna Living, Alt Muslimah, the International Museum of Women, and Hero Sisters: Global Gypsy.

To learn more about Sophia’s inspiration behind her Venice watercolors, see “Impressions of Venice” on The Modern Salonniere


'Letters' from Collectors

Lyn, UK:

"I received my Limited Edition Print...and I just have to write and tell you that I was delighted simply while unwrapping it....The pride in your work and painstaking care taken is evident from the personal touches....the Certificate of Authenticity is a thing of beauty in its own right.

The print itself is so beautiful, breathtaking...It will be like a window of sunshine on my wall.  I am very proud to own such a piece." 

Wendy, UK:

"Thank you Sophia for the beautiful print...It is for dear friends who visited Venice this year and remarked how magical it was.  Your print will be a precious reminder of that time..."

Steve, USA:

"I just received your two pieces.  My heart, my soul, my senses, and my house thank you very very much."

Linda, USA, private patron  
(on her reaction to her commissioned painting):

"I had tears!  My parents have both had health issues in the last year, so to see something so beautiful created just for them was a special experience for me.  Plus, Sophia has an artist's talent with a lovely heart to match.  She took the time to understand the story behind the picture and capture the essence of the memory."