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Venice Watercolors & Happiness

Sophia Khan


Happy Wednesday! Did I just say that? Why yes. A Wednesday can most certainly be happy :~)

Perhaps it's spring time, perhaps it's the plethora of creative ideas that have been streaming into my life and studio since the beginning of the year....Or, perhaps it's simply life. Being here, breathing, taking it all in day in and day out, and being grateful for the small joys, the big thrills, and even the tiny mishaps along the way that...yes, they do help us learn, evolve, remove any masks we once wore, and stand strong, with a graceful and dignified face up towards the path ahead in this journey of life. This journey that we walk, both together and by our bold and beautiful selves. Wouldn't you agree?

So, in this joyful air that I am basking in around me and wishing so much that you are as well :~) I share a small note and a quick reminder. These are the last few days that my latest gallery of Venice watercolor delights are being offered. Afterwards, my brushstrokes and offerings are moving a couple of hundred miles over to another beloved city.

The link to have a look is, here.

I do hope that you enjoy your "visit" and perhaps find something you would delight in welcoming into your home, or gifting another lover of Venice.