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Reserve "Your Venice" Art Experience


Reserve "Your Venice" Art Experience

Sophia Khan

Dear Friends,

I am so very excited to share that I will be embarking on a painting trip to Venice, my most beloved and inspiring muse, very soon. 

My first trip there, as an architecture student, opened my mind and eyes to a entirely different way of approaching the design process. But what Venice gave me, went much farther than just that. It gave me a deeper understanding of myself. As I walked its maze, I came to know and appreciated different parts of myself, such as my introversion. This part of me, I previously saw as somewhat of a flaw, but that all went away soon after I found myself in Venice. There I was, in the most magical corner of beautiful Italy, enjoying my time to the fullest, being adventurous, and carefree, in a city that celebrates just that.

But this trip will be much different than my others, in that I will focus primarily on painting while I am there. And so I am so pleased to be offering a gift from Venice, for you to bring into your home.


I am so excited to share that I will be taking reservations for a limited number of original watercolors. These works of art will be painted en plein air in Venice, for you to own a piece of the beauty of the city, painted in all its glory.

They are priced at $300 USD, and will be 8" x 10" original watercolors.

And because you may know, how much I also enjoy writing, you will also receive a personalized hand written letter, where I will share my experience of the city, and of painting there. Each painting will also include a beautifully designed, signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, designed exclusively for these select Venice watercolors.

The exact painting subject will be a delightful surprise for you, but it will be Venice, and it will be beautiful and colorful, with the signature emotive and expressive aesthetic of my work! If there is a special someone in your life who is a Venetophile, it would also make for a wonderful gift....

The uppermost watercolor, of the glorious Piazza San Marco, was painted when I was in the midst of preparing for and anticipating my trip. I hope a part of my joy and excitement has come through in the colors and brushwork....And I am so looking forward to painting in Venice and bringing back a piece of its beauty for some of you!

Wishing you a beautiful day and my very best,