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Cairo Bliss


Cairo Bliss

Sophia Khan

Memories of Cairo ~ watercolor
copyright © Sophia Khan

Although I have never been to Egypt, I have an incredibly near and dear friend who once lived there. And so for me, my connection to this place, my inspiration came through a person. I chose the warm color palette, subconsciously and intuitively, as I often chose my colors. But knowing that this person is so dear to me, the warmth is all very appropriate.

The new year for me, started slowly, quietly. In fact I am still feeling my way through this time of year that always bring about a sense of being renewed along with the excitement and anticipation of new experiences. It's always a time of reflection for me. Why not tap into the energy of the new and see how that can manifest in beautiful ways in one's life. It's also a time of planning things for my art, my work, my business, this world of mine that I am so grateful for, that enlivens me, that enriches me, in endless ways.

And so a moment of thanks, to you, for joining me in this journey, in my art, my words, and my wanderlust. I am always thrilled to write to you.

And being that Valentine's Day is nearing us, I would love to share some new works in my online are shop (links below) that would make beautiful gifts for someone special in your life who enjoys travel, art, and the craft of celebrating the two together artfully.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and my very best,

Xx ~ Sophia