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Royal Palace doorknocker, Fez

Sophia Khan

copyright © Sophia Khan

Morocco, desert and medina

Morocco...I recall traveling through the desert and catching glimpses of nomads in miles and miles of what seems like nothingness to us, but is home to them.

As if suspended in a different time.  Where did you come from?  Where are you going?  Perhaps these are projections of our own way of living that do not translate to the desert life.

Their language is not our language and we must pique our curiosity from a respectful distance; through the windows of our luxury buses which to them do not exist.

It is from here that we arrive in Fez, the maze, the puzzle.  It is within its captured gems of air and light filled courtyards that we suddenly find ourselves lightened just like the nomad.  But only for a moment until we leave again and enter the frenzy. 

by Sophia Khan

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