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Venice Horizons Watercolor



Thank you for your interest in commissioning your own personal Venetian Horizon : a bespoke Art Experience inspired by the Venice that you yourself experienced, and hold dear in your heart and memories. This offering is a celebration of what lures us to the Venetian lagoon. Venice is painted, as a “horizon” - that imaginary place where sky and sea meet. Yet, in Venice, this meeting is real and manifests in the ‘skyline’ of the city herself, telling of a place that inspires infinite possibilities.

Your Venetian Horizon Art Experience begins with an exchange between you and I, to gather inspiration for your painting. I will send you a prompt around your experience of Venice. You may share as much, or as little as you would like about what is most memorable to you about the city. Using this as my inspiration to reflect upon, I will draw from my well of artistic inspiration to paint you your own personal Venetian Horizon. The emphasis will be placed on celebrating and beautifying what is most memorable to you about Venice and, in this way, the painting will be entirely unique to you.

The style will be similar to the dream-like looseness, the iridescence, and the sublime atmosphere evoked in my own three Venetian Horizons, which are shown above. If you have specifics colors you would love to see in your Venetian Horizon I will be happy to accommodate. If you prefer, I will intuitively chose the colors, based upon our exchange.

You can commission a single Venetian Horizon watercolor, or a series of two, three, or more. These can be framed together, or in separate rooms of your home, providing a continuous and fluid experience of horizons from one space to another.

In addition to painting you your Venetian Horizon, I will also be writing a few words and prose around the inspiration for your painting. You will have this as a written keepsake of how your memories of Venice have inspired your painting, and make the artwork all the more unique to you.

And because there can be no experience that celebrates Venice, without also safeguarding her for the present and future, I will be donating a portion of proceeds to an organization that is currently working to protect the city. The details of this will also be included in and become a part of your Art experience.

You will receive the following as your Venetian Horizon :

  • Your own bespoke Venetian Horizon : an original watercolor depicting the ethereal horizons of the Venetian lagoon, using your affinity for Venice as inspiration. The size will be 6” x 15” (15.2 x 38 cm) with an additional white border all around, including title & signature.

  • A letter of prose addressed to you, written by myself, the Artist, which will describe the inspiration for the watercolor.

  • A signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity designed especially for this Art Experience.

  • The gift of knowing a portion of your purchase has helped contribute to an organization safeguarding Venice.

  • All of the above wrapped up as a memento of what makes Venice uniquely special to you, and makes beautiful your very own personal Venetian Horizon. A celebration of a city, a place, a horizon that invites us to believe in everything that otherwise seems impossible.

Venetian Horizons are currently being offered from my studio to your heart, home, and memories, because right now it is dearest to my creative heart. The time period for how long I will be offering this Art experience - an experience which is something quite special and unique if I may say so myself - will depend on how long my creativity lingers in this enchanted moment. If it is something that calls to you, you may reserve at the link provided below, and I will very much look forward to being in touch…..

Wishing you my very best, always.

xx ~ Sophia

p.s. If you might have any questions, prior to purchasing, please email me through my “Connect” page.


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Venetian Horizon


“Wonderful things are on the horizon….That is what this place is all about isn’t it. There are horizons everywhere. And everywhere, one is arriving.” ~ Venice, 2016 travel diary