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Fountain of Bliss ~ Bologna, Italy

Sophia Khan

watercolor on Arches paper

watercolor on Arches paper

Fountain of Bliss, Bologna, Italy | painted without a pencil sketch | copyright © Sophia Khan

A dreamy, inviting watercolor celebrating the beauty of a courtyard within the Basilica of Santa Stefano.

Dear Friends, 

No matter where I visit courtyards, in lands East or West, they always convey much of the same beautiful sense of serenity and inner calm. There is a universal love for what the courtyard 'contains', for what it exudes, for how one feels within its presence. And they are all the more inviting with the element of water.

This courtyard is in the Basilica di Santo Stefano, in the city of Bologna, Italy. A moment of repose from the movement outside, of people strolling the many lovely arcades that line the city.

With this watercolor, as with much of my art, the idea was not about a photorealistic representation, but more about the moment of encounter, one's presence within the space, in a manner that celebrates the qualities that make it unique and render it unforgettable to the traveler.

For this weekend, I will be offering complimentary shipping on this original watercolor (International shipping qualifies as well :~) See link here. 

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead ~ and may it be filled with much beauty, delight, and wonder...


Venice, Memory

Sophia Khan

Watercolor on Arches paper

Watercolor on Arches paper

Venice, Memory

The Venice of my memories is rich, varied, complex, and deep. 

It does not take long, when I want to return, for it to emerge from the depths of my past and reveal before me, a vision of immaculate beauty. 

The Venice of my memories, the Venice within me, is never far, though never too near-so as to gently exist in a quiet place untouched by present places, thoughts, and haste.

by Sophia Khan

If you enjoy my travel inspired art, you are sure to enjoy my watercolor journal here. It is there that I show work typically not revealed anywhere else online, and give a private glimpse into my creative journey. You will also hear about the launch of my online shop and receive small free images to print for your home.