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Persian Dawn, Persepolis


Persian Dawn, Persepolis

Sophia Khan

Persian Dawn, Persepolis ~ copyright © Sophia Khan

Persian Dawn, Persepolis ~ copyright © Sophia Khan

As I lovingly painted the ancient ruins of Persepolis in Iran, or Persia, as seems more befitting for this subject, I pondered the following question: What makes historic cities, monuments, and ruins capture our interest? Why do we travel to see them? 

My hunch is that it is partly this: All our lives, we hone that which makes us unique. We are told that what makes us different from others, is also what makes us special. While this is beautiful and true, there is another side to our nature, which these places allow us to uncover. In our everyday lives, we celebrate our unique qualities. And then, when we travel, I believe it is these historic cities, monuments, and ruins that allow us, for a moment, to have a glimpse of feeling connected to a past much larger than ourselves.

And it is within this past, that we truly are truly able to celebrate and deepen the appreciation for this very moment that we occupy in time. When we return to our everyday lives, we are enriched with this sense of having been part, even if just for a brief moment, of the magic of this past which can almost feel eternal, and can also feel collective.

This is one of the many ways in which travel enriches, nourishes, and feeds our spirit. It is one of the many reason why I enjoy travel so. The deeper the history, the more vibrant the past, the more colorful my experience of being there and the more it has to offer me.

I am excited to share that the above watercolor, which celebrates these very things, is for sale as an original ~ $370 + complimentary shipping in the US. Simply contact me through my "Connect" page.