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Colors of Venetian Facades

Sophia Khan

Colors of Venetian Facades, copyright © Sophia Khan

Colors of Venetian Facades, copyright © Sophia Khan

I would love to share my very first plein air Venice watercolor, painted during my recent trip to Venice and the story behind it....

This was the very first painting I was inspired to paint in Venice, the very first day that I was there. I did not intent to paint on this day, as I did not think I would have the energy to do so, however, I so fell in love with this facade the instant that I saw it, and was so full of admiration and inspiration, that I couldn’t not paint it. It was a facade that I could see from outside my very own hotel window.

I was staying in the San Polo sestiere; one that was much less crowded by tourists. Being that I was visiting Venice as the tourist season begins, this was something that was very important to me; to be around more locals than outsiders. I started to have a creative dialog with this facade the moment I chanced upon it, and drew a sketch of one of the lovely arches up above. I knew then that I wanted to do more. So I returned to my hotel to get my plein air painting gear. I had vowed to keep it all portable and simple so that I could easily carry everything around. I had a foldable stool and a small clipboard, which I carried in a lightweight portfolio case, a travel palette with my favorite colors, my best brushes, and a thermos for my water.


I set up my gear and did not have any of the initial intimidation or nervousness that I thought I would, with this being my first plein air painting trip. I was filled with so much joy and excitement around being here, and I poured all of those feelings and love into the painting. There was a restaurant nearby and an elderly man was sitting solo outdoors, enjoying his wine. Surrounding me the sweet sound of bells began to toll, the water in the canal fronting the doors created a beautiful rhythm, and in the air a bit of a sense of haze that I was actually living my dream of painting here in was all so very memorable for me and such a lovely way to begin my creative journey into La Serenissima.

I had my first taste of what painting en plein air in Venice was like, and was happily eager for more.