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Your Watercolor Travel Memento


Your Watercolor Travel Memento

Sophia Khan

I am loving the new subjects that are emerging in my studio these days ~ monasteries ~ doors ~ courtyards ~ streets signs...yes sometimes even street signs are beautiful enough to paint.

While many of these are subject from my own travels, much of my joy as an artist comes from celebrating the travel memories of others. The places we travel bring us alive in ways that familiar surroundings never quite do. And I think it is that emotion, that adventure, serenity, and joy, that we remember most when we think back to our travels.

I wanted to share here, that pricing for commissioning your Watercolor Travel Memento will be going up soon. 

If you have been wanting to have your favorite travel memory painted by me, or created as a bespoke gift for someone special from their own photograph ~ perhaps an anniversary gift for a honeymoon, or early holiday gift plan to become a beautiful family heirloom ~ now would be a great time to book.

The link to book at the current rates is below ~