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Painting with Passion

Sophia Khan

work in progress, of the Ca' d'Oro in Venice

"It was the inevitable destiny of Venice to be painted, and painted with passion..."~ Henry James, Italian Hours

The above quote speaks to me on so many fronts....Not only does it refer to how the city so beautifully and effortlessly makes itself a muse to so many artists, but for me it also refers to how one singe place, one single moment, within the city can become a subject for me to paint not only once, but again and again. It is as if different parts of my travel memories emerge with each new painting, loving the same subject into life with my paintbrushes slowly over time.

Long time, and even new followers of my work, will recognize this as my single most loved subject to paint, the Ca' d'Oro, situated along the Grand Canal in Venice. In fact, a pleasant little surprise it was for me to learn that this palace, which translates into "House of Gold" was originally knows as Palazzo Santa Sofia.

If you haven't already had a look, I dig deeper into sharing my thoughts on painting Venice and my personal travels and journey there, on the beautiful blog of author Saxon Henry here.


I'll be happily painting away in my studio, with some exciting new subjects, one of which happens to be an Italian night scene ~ which I typically never paint, but am excited for how it is turning out so far and will look forward to sharing...

Until next time, wishing you my very best,