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Celebrating Anticipation, View before the Fish Market

Sophia Khan

watercolor on Arches paper

watercolor on Arches paper

copyright © Sophia Khan

As we embark on the journey of what lies ahead for us this New Year, we pause to remember where we came from. We remember that no matter the corner we turned, the ocean we traversed, the bridges we crossed, the people we met, those we lost, those we found, there always lies ahead, as sure as our next heartbeat, an invitation for what we long for next.

And just as the places, the moments, the homes, the dreams, that were once part of our lives, came upon us through trails, hopes, desires, or chance, so too what lies ahead will find its way into our lives in ways unknown to us now. What we do know, what does carry us forth, is our ability to remain open, to trust, to believe that our longings, our desires are within us for the sole purpose of one day being realized. 

There is beauty in mystery.  There is promise in anticipation.

To mystery, to always being open, to hope, to our dreams, and to having the most remarkable year ahead of us.

With my Warmest Regards,