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Ebb & Flow: Venetian Waters Watercolor Studies

Sophia Khan

Watercolor studies and photographs of Venetian Waters

Watercolor studies and photographs of Venetian Waters

copyright © Sophia Khan

There is an ebb and flow to the life of an artist.  At least there is for me.  There are cycles that range from intense creativity and ideas beaming to moments that ask you to silently 'listen' for the right inspiration.  And so I listen for answers in the world around me, the world within me, my thoughts, my memories.....

As you may know by now, such thoughts often drift to places visited in my travels.  It is in those thoughts, that I felt a pull, a gentle creative nudge to paint the waters of Venice, and to paint simply that.

The watercolor studies that resulted, two of which are shown above, have actually lead me to something new that I am currently working on.  Perhaps I needed to prepare myself for that from a place of quiet and tranquility, as the images above suggest.  I certainly felt that calm and meditative peacefulness while I painted these.

I will be slowly unfolding the artistic journey I am currently on, that I feel the above watercolors were in part the inspiration and foundation for.  I hope you will join me in my watercolor journal here to see what unfolds...