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Venetian Horizons Watercolours

Venice Watercolours celebrating the Venetian horizon, where sea meets sky.

Bespoke Venetian Horizon Commission


Bespoke Venetian Horizon Commission


Reserve your bespoke Venetian Horizon : A Watercolor Art experience inspired by what makes Venice most memorable to you.

Celebrate the very skyline where sea weds sky in an infinite string of possibilities, wonder, delight, and tranquility.

You will receive the following as your Venetian Horizon :

  • Your own bespoke Venetian Horizon : an original watercolor depicting the ethereal horizons of the Venetian lagoon, using your affinity for Venice as inspiration. The size will be 6” x 15” (15.2 x 38 cm) with an additional white border all around, including title & signature.

  • A letter of prose addressed to you, written by myself, the Artist, which will describe the inspiration for the watercolor.

  • A signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity designed especially for this Art Experience.

  • The gift of knowing a portion of your purchase has helped contribute to an organization safeguarding Venice.

  • All of the above wrapped up as a memento of what makes Venice uniquely special to you, and makes beautiful your very own personal Venetian Horizon.

Your Venetian Horizon will be painted and shipped within 2-3 weeks of our initial dialogue around the inspiration for your painting. This exchange can be done via email, or skype. I will send you a prompt/question as an invitation to share your experience of Venice. You can respond with as much or as little as you feel called to.

You can commission a single Venetian Horizon watercolor, or a series of two, three, or more. These can be framed together, or in separate rooms of your home, providing a continuous and fluid experience of horizons from one space to another.

The images shown are reflective of the style that I will be painting in. The watercolor you receive will be entirely unique to your Venice experience.

If this Venetian Art Experience calls to you, I will look forward to painting for you your dream….And please enjoy code VENICEGIFT available for a limited time.